Here are some Twitch API examples you can try. And the source for those examples

Most of this examples will prompt for Twitch Auth to get a Token to use to call the API with

Generally those Authentication Links will open a new window, which oAuth Redirect URI's to this window, which will extract the oAuth Access Token from the URL and magic pass it to the original window

How to Implicit authSourceFor Client Side apps/websites
Token Checker and KillerSourceValidate Tokens and revoke then, handy if you find stuff in the wild that shouldn't be there!
Building a clone of the Directory viewSourcePretty simple, shows how to "chain" API's together
A VOD Player that Skips Muted SegmentsSourceEnough Said it plays VOD's
Twitch Player/parentSourceImplements most of the Emebd JS player functions for test/example purposes
Some Calendar/Schedule StuffSource
Channel Information WidgetSource
Team PageSourceA clone of the team page, rougly, for showing how/where to get various data from
SoundTrack Now Playing + HistorySource
Extensions Config ToolSourceA replacement for the Rig's tool

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